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direction. In two cases of chronic laryngeal hemiplegia in the

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Euphrasia borneensis as described by Stapf in some slight minor characters but

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of examinations to approximate a prognosis. Elsewhere we have shown that

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shorten the life of the patient even if that shortened life is

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resistance and the crypts act as culture tubes. The proper treat

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practitioner are doing the work in these institutions about

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fever and neuralgic pains in the head. She had been infected with

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variable but it does not appear inferior to other remedies. In

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and the zonule of Zinn was normal. Goldzieher of Budapest j

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and which are thoroughly disconcerting to the grop

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raised both lids and found the pupils moderately dilated the pulse was

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deserve the most honor and whom I have dedicated my life to

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think the diagnosis of recent puerperal inversion of

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be opened the mysterious fact of the distinction between Indy. and

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is not peculiar to insanity for in other diseases there is a time

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for the mod part yea euen in peftilentiall and venernous

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localities was accepted. In the Paris district in addition to what was already

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In experiment No. 7 20 healtliy pigs were inoculated

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ulcer which is mostly covered with scabs. The sore began fourteen months ago

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loss presents an inviting field for successful invasion of the body by

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softened centres so as to obtain a pure lesion and to avoid injecting

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Quincke s case atrophy of the arm followed the development of a glioma

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as ledematous or congested as at the previous operation

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attacks of abdonainal pain and digestive upset with

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applied the term vital capacity of the lungs to the greatest

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sensory impressions has written a treatise on digestion. Neither

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to injure the soft parts about the hip. The differ

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the taste of a fashionable young lady who 1 dare say

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But adopting the principle that the patency of the cervical canal is

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rather appalling when it is taken into consideration

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dates the scrofulous change and whether occurring in tfie ghnids skin

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an opportunity for a coagulum to form around the ruptured

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cal diseases their course and possible termination

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accompanied by the substantial reduction in the expense ratio add

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