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The tongue covered with a thick heavy coating black from the

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the extracts may be used to flavor allowing sugar extra to absorb it.

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large as a walnut or even larger and the interior contains hundreds

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the bed occupancy rate has averaged 50 60. The Center facilities have

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bodies as to the length of each stage but practically all

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moid flexure. It was of the consistence of putty nearly of glue

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University of Montreal Lava University of Quebec and the Italian Royal Universities.

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Wc may add that the charges of ill treatment of the

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was that published in tlie Joukx. l of February 28th 1914

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the better spirit. Unfriendly relations have as their out

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surgery iu gonococcal infections basing her remarks on

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that our separated dust after so many pilgrimages and trans

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hundred words and cur friends are urged to write on

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to the announcement of the Treasurer of the College that Mr.

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from the earth s interior is in vogue among geologists and rocks of

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children quite as often as physical peculiarities of

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having been already tempered in the brain by the strength of the

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toojlb batl p30 eo bealing tottb tyem trifeafes tobicl all oj gt

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The board has collected additional evidence that typhoid fever is

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consist of men wlio are physically fit and who have passed a

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pression of the bronchi. In rare instances interlobular and subpleural

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causes of death were as follows Tul gt erculoHis of lungs 1.52

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should be freely dashed over the face head and neck till he is

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is a tribute to the great surgeons who performed the operations.

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a faecal fistula resulted. IVTien floated in water the slough

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army surgeons with the expedition of the Ten Thousand at the

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viewing her friends that the correct account was ob

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other words he is hip shot the evidence then seems conclusive

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Eight cases of our series including that of the author are sar

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distressing cough morphin grs. v or tincture of opium

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the membrane. The greatest thickening usually occurs on the posterior

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Borner Med. Chir. Rundschau July 1 1888 in a short paper on this

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deficient blood supply has been greatly strengthened

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consequent fall in its percentage masks the hyperglycemia. In

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I have given the clinical history of this case thus

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knowledge being effected through three distinct cbauuels

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Under external causes there were 5 cases of sunstroke without a

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company ambulance company and the sanitary squad are considered separately under

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recnirrence are perhaps the three most striking features of tho ty du id

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analysis was he thought due to the difficulty experienced

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enumeration of 1877 was 451 028 and the number cast at the election

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stamp should be prohibited and no name of a proprietor or

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