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stenosis of the pulmonary artery. Only when the disease of the

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It must be remembered that the foregoing figures and

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tuted experiments upon the action of the poles taken separately. They obtained

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the clavicle also sometimes enlarge and afEord valuable indications of

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she felt some slight bearing down. I brought her to

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brows raised. Subsequently other muscles become involved particularly

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hidden from them hidden either actually from their eyes or vir

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their study at any particular place and is prepared to

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of coarse pine sawdust with which half an ounce of spirits of turpentine

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occupants or as I should say the impossibility of keeping sufficiently

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three to four weeks more rapidly than by the bichloride and the

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Anopheles punctipennis abounds in the neighborhood of

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I rescoll Le Breton I ostopcralive Coniplic.itions of An.Ts

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fourth week or later the same series of symptoms may

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theory that protective ferments are elaljorated within tlia

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iiate opium habitue who has had a hard battle to sum up enough

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largely regained its sentiency namely the anterior pillar of

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special treatment for their disease for in his opinion

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not quitting the cotyloid cavity. This accident occurs in stables with

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closely resembles. Pathological altf rations have given im

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radical cure should have for its objective the complete

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or the subsequent tumefaction of the tissues lengthens

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dinner of the Congress will take i lace in Keble hall on

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The sclerodermia commenced in the feet and extended sym

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think there was any school in which practical medicine

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discharge did not smell fetid. The headache however

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cause of disease regardless of its nature namely plethora

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mesenteric vein was regarded as the oldest. There was old and recent

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Dr. John G. Cecil closing the discussion This man did not im

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invention or experiment had to be tried Mead must of course be

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Escape of urine from the left kidney must too have been by

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but the slightest manipulation of the penis as for in

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the function of the lymphatics. He nevertheless was earnest

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there remain 2 apparently sound cows whose feces infected guinea

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acribe a Park Outing for them. Low excursion rates it is

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Vaccine prepared in the laboratory was distributed during the

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remove the growth where after the knife has opened the way the

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carcinomatous tissue and a disappearance of this de

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the expiratory act owing to partial closure of the glottis may assist in

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Stiles H. J. Operation for torsion and strangulation of a sarcomatous

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same kind that leads to tabes and to general paralysis of

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approved by the Governor in Council and such approval rhall be conclusive evidence

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I wholly restrict myself to presenting my own views on the matter.

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spasm resulting from the anaesthesia relaxes the patient breathes

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when necrosis takes place and the ulcer is contaminated by

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also expected that the substitute physician will keep an account of

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that the Divine Spirit should confine its operations to the

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