Trust deeds UK, The Scottish IVA
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Trust deeds UK means different things to different people but ultimately we will discuss the Scottish trust deed which is in effect a Scottish IVA, used to reduce financial pressure and financial hardships for those in trouble. The legal implications with regards to IVA and a trust deeds are similar in that they are binding agreements between creditors and debtors with regards to a future payment plan acceptable to all parties.

While they are certainly not an everyday occurrence in Scotland, for many people they are certainly a new consideration with the number of people applying for trust deeds in Scotland increasing significantly over the last few months. As unemployment continues to rise north of the border it is inevitable that more and more people, also suffering considerable property losses, will look towards the trust deed market and possibly bankruptcy procedures.

For those who are in financial distress or feel their situation is on the brink, there are various parties who will advise the best course of action for them whether this is a trust deed, bankruptcy or some other form of financial organisation. There really is no need to suffer in silence as there are people out there with the experience and resources available to make things happen and reduce the pressure which can often follow financial hardship.

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