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Trust deed advice is imperative if you are staring down the barrel of a very difficult financial situation. If your circumstances now dictate that you do not have enough income to cover your monthly debt repayments and cost of living then you need to look at alternative arrangements to reduce your financial pressure and try and get you life back on an even keel. Trust deed advice is a potential starting point and will allow you to at least be aware of your options.

A qualified insolvency practitioner, of which there are many across Scotland, should be your first port of call for a no obligation discussion about your situation. Whether or not you will qualify for a potential trust deed will become clear when you open up with regards to your circumstances and financial situation to the debt adviser. However, make no mistake about it, no insolvency practitioner or debt adviser will recommend a trust deed unless it is wholly warranted.

There are obvious downsides to a trust deed, such as limitations with regards to credit and new banking arrangements, but ultimately these will allow you to rebuild your financial status and financial well-being. Trust deeds are in principle a much softer alternative to bankruptcy, which can have serious implications for your credit rating and credit worthiness for many years.

If you feel that your financial situation is becoming unbearable and you are literally “robbing Peter to pay Paul” on a monthly basis then you need to address the situation as soon as possible. Debt advice will help you to formulate in your own mind whether you’re able to adjust your monthly budget to cover your debts or whether in fact you do need to go down the trust deed route or an alternative. The sooner that you take advice on your particular situation the sooner you will be able to act and potentially more options will be open to you.

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