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the most powerful drug known for reducing or removing

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commonly tender on pressure whether applied directly or indirectly in

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They have their seats of preference which vary in different species of

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excitability great anxiety stammering speech sleeplessness

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cleidomastoid muscle and a drawn silver wire six feet in

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are the cubical cell with small round deeply staining neuclei

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palsied. In such cases there is at first of course only impaired abduction

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stage when the bones have become hard if performed too soon there is

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in any particular case to tell apart from experiment either that

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anil bacteriology orthodontia oral snidery operative den

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seen in hysteria and iu the epileptic seizure. Bromide

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industrial population and its wide spread prevalence that to be adequ

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is xhcuva urfi. It has been greatly extolled of lat

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pears inflamed was to be cut out or deftroyed by cauftic before the

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how to run a medical school and who ought to be made

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tests which are valuable in different diseases. The author describes

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ulating research and inciting the gynecic surgeon to

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necropsy showed no tumour to account for the dysphagia.

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eruptions and the study of the existing relations between the earth s

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was given warm water to encourage the vomiting which

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for a condition intermediate between serous meningitis and meningism and

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ishing food and indulge in cheerful thoughts and conyersation.

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with the monthly average of disease but the peculi

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function of the intercostal muscles in an entirely modern spirit.

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Turkey to Boil and to Pry as in England. 7b BnU. ln

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Dentists Begister or vice versa for a reduced fee of 2 Is.

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remained to further pollute the supply. Then too there is the possibility of

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after large doses are a frequent symptom these are usually clonic

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uncertain in diagnosis as in the prognosis or in indica

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