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Such were some of the principal physiological ideas of AreUeus They

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artery supplies the posterior colic mesentery the mesorectum and

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of corps all enemy attacks made with the aid of chemical methods.

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gelungenen Versuche Nr. 17 und 18 unverkennbar an. Auch

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by acting both directly and indirectly on the cardiac nerves.

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several of the nails may become dry lustreless grayish

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upon the mind of any one interested in athletic work

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length by six miles of breadth. The differences between high and low

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The achievement of which the Oligarchy has boasted most vocifer

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is physiological rather than pathological. The course of the disease

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Galen which were supposed to have been lost have been discovered

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Tristomidce 1894 571 572 1895 697 1895m 130 1896 539 540 1898b

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especially in their laboratories operating and X ray departments.

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In opening the discussion Db. Abbams said There is not

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Another matter. If such infrequent attendances only arc

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this matter at any rate in cases where the patient expresses a fancy

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may eventually be solved we are still in possession of that most

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little and that the results have not been bad will

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circulation the digestive organs the kidneys and the

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implanted in tho wallH of the sigmoid flexure TrondelonburK gt

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ary and not dijpcnding on the brain but on the inflammation allectuig the

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or less suddenly occurring in the upper part of the body would indicate

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ing a little below it subsequently. A high color index while

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smallpox London 1759 which was accompanied by William

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The theoretical frequency distribution per 1 000 recruits at single

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innermost nail also left projecting. These two should then be

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still continue or if they be but slightly mitigated

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Hemorrhage which in any considerable amount is rare

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explored his urethra with a well masticated roll of

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large cavities and to close them early. The immediate effects were strik

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may be of electrically altering the motive state of certain parts of the

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months and at lower temperatures they will rioen is

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surface for the time a general anaesthetic is required and

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oonite are highly poisonous appearing to produce death by a direct

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central myelitis. 2. In less acute cases the changes

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on very early cancer of the stomach should give good results.

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placement dyspnea shock and ultimately if the patient survives

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the right foot was involved the disease mentioned to a greater or

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contraction and thus irritating the series of remarkable

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invalided out of the service in large numbers with no prospect before

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A lad of perhaps 40 years stated that about two years pre

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as in strangles. The submaxillary lymph glands are swollen.

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glions pitrochkens qui sont le plus neUement indur et augments de volume.

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rapidly shed. The intermediate layer is usually the

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about two inches in diameter connected by a coil of insulated copper wire

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the same kind of exudation surrounding the cut end of one of the

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Each anti serum was now tested with the serum employed in

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operations on the testicle are not thus provocative if the chloroform

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being able to bring before this meeting something very definite.

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operation can be very readily and safely extended to caries of

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Kennedy s describes a woman of eighty one who persistently menstruated

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ing officers responsible for excessive venereal ratee occurring at their

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life and be recognized after death by the electrical multiplicator it maybe

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stomach. The beneficial effects of alkaline mineral waters Carlsbad.

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Luchon current number of Archives Gentrales de Mecli

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had in 1909 important industries in distilleries foundries and machine

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may also arise on a purely systemic basis being the con

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The organism is both parasitic and saprophytic and conse

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with their nerve supplies intact the region is covered with

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length is usually not too disproportion palate. By this method it has been

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sutures behind the pinna and through the cartilaginous

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minutes to settle the stomach nausea soon passed away and he was

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sequuntur Clemens Tatiano paulum latior est. Eusebius in Chronico

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sterilization by the present methods Kobrak has been led to

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In medicine a personal injury is studied with reference to

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prepared of various sizes admirably adapted for all the purposes of the

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of from one to three months. The doses employed will vary according to

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Ecoles de Medecme Navale en Prance depuis le regne de

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disapjicnr dnring the day. Its cliunicter varies from a low mnttering form

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earlier diagnosis and intervention. It was much bet

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