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received his degree there in 1891. For two years he undertook postgradu

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the patient should be warned against taking it undiluted

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faires a ete surpris et pendu dans Collioure au cointe de

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Effj cts upon the Uterus. I have already said that the fibres

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acid 25 per cent. instead of in nitric acid. The carbolic stain gives

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not be held The President referred to certain irregular pro

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etc. have failed to awake natural respiration I receive the child

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prevention is better than cure and rather than lose work

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per pound weight of the animal 6 grains 0.40 gramme produced

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it had grown rapidly that the solid portion had an ap

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aorta for instance it occurs when the mitral valve is defective

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directly to the surgeon general who if necessary re

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dice and enlist their cooperation is a ain well exhibited. When the

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are of our best who have been or who are directors of

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injected venously or subcutaneously into 10 rhesus monkeys c

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words will make their appearance which could not otherwise be

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the attacks the existing nasal lesions should be treated and all

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expense of purchasing professional books or subscribing to

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In 1872 however we find the spasm theory called in question and

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placenta spontaneously and reserve expression for the expulsion of the

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complicated by tuberculosis extreme emaciation cardiac

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presence of some few cocci does not of necessity give rise to the

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Naples as seen in the streets it is a lesion likely to be

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of syphilis without a full investigation. Half of the neurotic

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true progress of surgery be measured since the operations performed

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cary es of London have ranked the King s physitiaus

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Derivalimi. Atropine is obtained from a strong tinctnre

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Commission indicate a considerable incidence of streptococci. These organisms

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material to find the nerves abnormal and even at times showing

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vrine very well for AqniRa Laxatittamll often caufenatu

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formed thorough urethroscopies. The price of a new set

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The Harrison County Medical Society Gulfport Miss 25.00

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appendix should be treated first unless the case prom

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This is not a disease but simply a deformed mouth where

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expense and hence the physician is looking to the horse again

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that the administration of bicarbonate together with salicylate has

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held in suspension by agitation. The left ovarian artery was

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fill his work with collations from preceding authors but

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Now. if neurasthenia he made to include all kinds of nervous symptoms and

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the medical journals of this country can make such a state

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exerted directly forward and outagainst the distorted phalanges

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tition of the fame motions. A ftory which the celebrated Baron Van

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cases of constipation. Some change in diet or occupation may be

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There are not a few farmers whose imperious wills will nut

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Abortion does not usually occur in the chronic form. Psychic symp

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left alone as broodin over his calamities is fure to

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rupture or before penetration of the cyst wall is likely

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ploy it and Prof. Semmola. Sodium Benzoate was a favorite

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Ascanius mentions a porcupine man as do Buffon and Schreber. Auten

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Fig. 2. Distribution of cardiac electricity on the surface of the

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the theory of dew and dew point in 1814. Photography was developed by

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sense. Through making of the object an image it frees us from our

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been in a paraplegic condition. At no time during these four

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ever the swelling and degeneration are not alone less

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Dentists Begister or vice versa for a reduced fee of 2 Is.

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artery. An embolus which blocks the middle cerebral at its origin involves


at. It would be conhrmed if as occasionally happens a sudilen effort of

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these assertions will stand the test of impartial and

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T. sordida was found in Araraquara Barretos Igarapava Ituverava

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ered of value by psychophysicists and anthropologists.

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wretched being in all the universe and as misery loves company he

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tried without success in relieving the pain. He empha

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This is a very common thing especially in large cities. This

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having particular characters and apparently caused by

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yet do not suffer afterwards from this uterine displacement.

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mucous membrane a needle carrying 25 centimeters of thread

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of milk freipiently taken in excess of tho normal.stcmiach capacity is

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alcohol and acetone. In countries where there is not the exorbitant

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the most important is whether the core of the cyclone possesses

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tains that this complication furnishes by no means a rare cause

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