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ing for the purchase of a medicine chest and instruments for

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pneumonia. The bronchitis has really no special peculiarities. The sputum

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Borden Theoph. de Reclierches sur la Position des Glandes et sur leur

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reports several cases treated by Lott s method with massive

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treatment to the comfort of the blood. This may be done by

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the white form of madura disease or mycetoma which is much more

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muscles the visual fields are at times diminished and the fundus shows

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grain been administered it would have killed the child or rather I

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with delineations of the attachments of the Muscles the

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weak part suffers but occasionally though very rarely the foot

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will be found outside those against which it should fit. When the

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established a department of Research in Terrestrial Magnetism on

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Heberden s directions for perfonning the operation.

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associated with diseased heart more so than when connected with dis

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involved them as necessary consequences it involved both the con

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cylinder which gives the full correction under the mydriatic. In children iD

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dren when killed by strangulation are often slight compared with those seen

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cases is the inability of the patient to open his mouth.

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ligature of thyroid arteries exothyreopexy division or

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Partly we were able to draw a tolerably fair conclusion from their influence

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of the submucosa of the trachea then afford a direct pathway

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be dashed from a pail or applied by means of a garden hose

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They believe that the developing of this type of a great library will

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has remained without an epidemic while Algiers has ex

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Prominent among von Graefe s pupils were his nephew Alfred Earl

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cuts of pork the very decided importance of many fruits as fuel the

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in the first case the postoperative course uneventful.

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immediately performed Caesarean section making the usual

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of the various parts of the sympathetic system I deem

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lidae Tristomidap Monocotylidse Polystomidse Gyrodactylidse 647 654

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destined to succumb 26 27. It will be valid so long as

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vision first attracted her attention an oculist advised recourse to radio

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Difpeflfatories are ufually written in the Latin language.

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to constitute the Natal Medical Council as provided for

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In the mildest there is simply some slight tumefaction of the lym

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and not infrequently is increased by taking food. The abdominal muscles

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touched on the shores of a vast continent of the un

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the chest girth between the state of inspiration and

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wire in her womb and after she had introduced it far

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quinidine are repeated on this same patient when the flutter has

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