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former internist who became intrigued by the complex

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faulty at least as lar as the latter subject is concerned.

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applied to the arm either because they were small or because they

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process is not uncommon and a marked amelioration of the symptoms is

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ing the mixture is neutrahzed with sodium carbonate and imme

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the doctor proceeded to an operation placing a liga

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the outside but the th and th ribs which are not inflexed

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Bergen Davis of Columbia University Rontgen s Discov

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were carried out into the grass plot or gardens at

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lost. of blood during her labour in consequence of the uterine

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atropine as a last resource having found it useful in

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of the situation at present is that of ways and means of

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D. Railway Surgeons at its annual meeting at Dayton May

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the operation the method possessed no advantage over

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tion to the members of the Committee for the time and effort

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treatment of tuberculosis is. The treatment of tuberculosis as

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hospital during war are to be successfully attained the

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to per cent cream. The carbon dioxid combining power rose and continued

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bly take a longer time to develop as the local centres

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strive to render aid to the distressed with greater care

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The following candidates were elected active members of the

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bitter uncrystalisable soluble in alcohol but insolu

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gynecologist and pediatrist. He made a number of valu

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establishing a distinct variety of the human species

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most captivating interesting and entertaining publications of the day.

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and the connection between these two diseases seems now

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of course the chief surgeon and he prided himself much on

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misery of every kind. He added The idea that overcrowding in filthy

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their mental confusion they recall to memory all the painful thoughts which

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tine or semilunar form like rubeola and is often transitory. The chief cause

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lected your duty to the profession and to the people.

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of fibrin had been deposited. In addition a hyaline like membrane

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ether or ammonia may do good. In order to prevent them from running

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In the majority of animals the skin about the perineum

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against himself it may not be improper to continue this

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along the whole anterior surface of the uterus and vagina. A lateral section

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This is a study of the pathological conditions and their relation

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of direct nutritive value to the body cells food matter

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him rational though he admits that it does not fail to work

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in a less degree in expiration. After each fit of coughing the hissing

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under treatment by arsenic for chronic skin disease anaemia chorea or

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