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at 7.10 P.M., St. Paul at 7.45 p.m., September 5th, over the

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tact with the stomach or food, just before eating or during the proc-

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situated about the corners of the mouth, nose, ear, neck, tips of the

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dermic method. The injected medicine must be in solution so that

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the use of the remedies suggested for anaemia to stimulate the blood-

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shows diarrhea; keeps humped up in a comer of cage, shivers.

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The causes of inflammation of the brain are quite varied, as blows

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Most cases of labor are easily managed, and when no troublesome

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a similar affection elsewhere. A thorough incision is necessarv to

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quent and sometimes a fatal disease. It rarely occurs after the

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bones. The abscess may be as small as an almond or pea, or it may

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of Indiana, and is causing much uneasiness among stock-owners.

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ought to be large, well ventilated and admit abundant sunlight.

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will now give Dr. Moore of St. Joseph Veterinary College the

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sons are sometimes frozen to death. Persons under the influence of

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By-Laws, does not come in until this fall. All of this previous

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cent — the chances for that one to survive are materially lessened.

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material to protect the decoration. Sometimes a glass

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Moody, F. H. Payne, P. W. Polk, F. H. Reed, Philip Rogers*, W. H. Shortellt, J. W.

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Reymond, whose art is shown in all its versatility. Under

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leges were visited, and material for this report is taken from data obtained

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The general health must be looked after and the voice used

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Among those taking the Civil Service Examinations for the

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either by the application of caustic, as chromic acid, or their removal

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as a private institution, its curriculum has been gradually broadened, until

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exists, it is found that the supra-renal capsules are in a condition of

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if it has not been completely anesthetized. In extreme cases it may

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The author holds the disease to be due to a toxin which acts

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