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ful questioning I found for the first time that the patient

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on trust such an amount of his Three per cent. French Rentes as

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her lecture. When she completed the lecture and asked for questions no one

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losis and 44 negative. Over 200 homes stricture and prostatic diseases.

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Absorbing Ointment once daily for 3 or 4 days will generally overcome

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out developing bronchitis while the same person would catch

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bute a disease called tick paralysis in sheep in Cape Colony to the

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the tubal insertion and a little to the left of the middle

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for it comes on after injuries and especially frac

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which haematemesis and melaena increased and the pulse became quick and

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The object of this little book is to focus attention upon a

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which the flood of history has been flowing without sweeping them

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spikes. The check rope was securely fastened to these posts and one end

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troops at home and abroad all diseases and injuries with causative

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not be taken into account and can be easily prevented by cold

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thorough knowledge of its nature and treatment. Recollect too that fever

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estimates the mortality in the first year at 13.25 per cent. after

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stroys the power of the regulating apparatus of the heart.

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and swabbing gently with warm water fully half of the

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of this principle to pathological conditions that brought out so many fine

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colour. The 1 per cent glass upon 2 does not produce

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at what is required of an examining surgeon will suf

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this year returning to the level of 1975. Note that though there

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peras jtis gencrallie called Vitriol or white Vitriol 0

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believe at present attaches to them after certification.

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changes of view which may be obtained in certain cases of

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the erection will be on the decHne before changes are observed in

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deficient blood supply has been greatly strengthened

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Sometimes one of the symptoms predominates greatly over the others so

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autiseptic. I should myself prefer double cyanide gauze

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To this both the wife and husband firnally consented

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