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magnitudes are not measurable it would none the less be the case

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lymph safe for vaccination purposes. It was ignorance

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ceived entirely in the Hindoo sense and it was to the opportunity

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bladder being first stitched to the abdominal wall and a few days later

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the Government of India 1873. Published at Calcutta 1874.

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On March 29th a post mortem examination was made. The kid

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Captain Appbl on being thus relieved is ordered to Fort

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materials and physicians testimonials will be for j

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alcohol and arsenic first involve the lower extremities giving

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tainly speaks well for our new surgical technique before fche

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health ofTicc. was 713. of which number 185 occurred in

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on August 11th what amounts had been annually granted by the

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and after the premises were renovated they were di gt

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Finallj I should like to reiterate the view which I hold

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bromid should bo employed to the exclusion of other bromids

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It is especially useful in leg ulcers cavital ulcera

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ened bronchi become constricted and as a result of this constriction broa

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this fail apply a slippery elm poultice until the protrusion

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general symptoms are much aggravated. The prostration becomes more

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welfare. Such was the Achsean League. Such was the League of the

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combine with those of decomposition to cause the symp

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supplied the demand for simple remedies a demand which really

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gradually became unconscious death occurred on the fourteenth day of

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So much for the difficulties of diagnosis as far as

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reservoir of Ringer s solution. The pressure in the system was raised above

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the use of aluminum sidphate under proper supervision

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of a series of specially devised exercises prescribed by

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inflation with the infant s head thrown back may be trieil. Sylvester s

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addition gives a rational chemical explanation for the solvent effect

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greater will be the percentage of cures. A great number have

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germs develop in the subsoil moisture during the warm months and that

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far the symptoms with the exception of the pigmentation and

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implicated in progressive paralysis when the origin of

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of the transverse incision sectioning the rectus. It is claimed that

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of potentiality in judicious nerve alize that one of the largest factors

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general practice at Fallowfield Manchester. He did not

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gonum Punctalum equal parts and moistening them with a small quan

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tice of his profession can hardly be overestimated.

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called on Dr. Eaton. Tabes was at once diagnosed and the pa

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haps slight irregularity and an increase in the fever without aggravation

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three times a day. This however should be used only in

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pathological processes. When this influence is studied apart

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sweat. Finally it passes along the upper part of the fourth wall

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Argenti Nitras Cupri Sulphas Zinci Chloridum Zinci Sulphas Plumbi Acetas

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Looking at the process from another standpoint we may say

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hysterectomies these vessels must be cut and ligated. During

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anajmia. It may be permanent and due to softening of brain from embolism

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was quite paralyzed. There was not and never had been any paresis

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were beginning now to recognize that the universities

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lithotomy position the occiput manually rotated to the front and with

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bill favorably but with amendments. It was however found impo.ssi

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in regard to making certain that the supply is pure and health

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ment has been represented and has performed its health preserving

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the water docs not go above the sigmoid. It has the advantages and

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only so long as his patients desire or permit it. The

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from mustard gas. There is unfortunately no data available to

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the Goveruinent as to the application of any grants that may

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woolen coverings or with hot bricks similarly wrapped and

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such amendments to their by laws and to those of this

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especially animals imported into the infected region. A method of

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spontaneously absorbed a large effusion may thus disappear in a week

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peut moins et meme le roi ne voulut point prendre 1 autre

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I asked permission to use homatropin this was refused

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Five reported as well. One of these was operated six years ago

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From the Stand Potnt op Cerebral and Spinal Localization anu

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jects where the internal mammary artery was worked out in

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I will take here no notice of the incestuous unions between

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of the first hour. Precise definitions of continuous functions and their

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in all cases. Laceration occurs in cases left entirely

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ments of pituitaries to report. A small series were measured at the

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nary principle of crossing with thorough bred stock is to be

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active surgical staff. A lootlet was enclosed in the report

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times as presystolic synchronous with the auricular pulsation

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treatment should be allowed to separate naturally and not be

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