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invasion of the intestine. Man is born with an intes

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or other by mediastinal growths. The trachea is often compressed and

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Massachusetts school children 447 general considerations on

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Several buzzards were fed spores by the methods just described

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be regulated by its effect. If pain follows walking or riding it should

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ty three beds sixteen on the first and furniture have been used. The

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the urban sanitary authorit of which is in each instance also

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of that liquid. 2 The lowering of the freezing point is

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they may be divided under botany and zoology and subdivided as

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covers completely. In instances in which the swelling and exudate are

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received a death blow by Dr. Kidd s practically avowing himself

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years. The state of our manhood at the beginning of life s work

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believed that they had effected more cures by it than by any

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plates when passed through an insulated coll of wire also generates at the

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It distinctly promotes involution of the uterus when this

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a patient complains of headache poor sight and pain

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taken by the arterial blood only e.g. spleen kidneys suprarenal

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It involves a second operation about a fortnight after the radical

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Merrick John N. Contract Surgeon will proceed to Fort

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pharyngitis only the lymph follicles by means of the galvanocautery is a

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large doses are extreme muscular relaxation without

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lost Agnes and his baby boy might yet have been his may yet

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not permit of the necessary stretching. Watten has devised a

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in each drench and this will make a sure cure. Give luke warm

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Society reported 276 active members and 33 permanent mem

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The whole subject of surgical tuberculosis is written by Free

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unlike anything I ever before experienced the crusts were

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what they did. There could t gt e no more stimulating

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power of acting reflexly upon the nerves of the heart and the

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The American Public Health Association was oigani ed in 1872. Quaranlit

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through the commissura anterior alba to the gray sub

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Wiener reports the case of a woman of 73 suffering from pro

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addition of hydrochloric acid before permanent precipitation takes

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so for this disease may and does frequently exist before its

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which gives light and assists also in the ventilation of the theatre.

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of the liquid. A drop of castor oil occupies a very different

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the result of observation but is a theory which enjoys by no means

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