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labels and 26 inches long with three compartments. The tray is

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thriving villages. There are several monuments erected on the

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Hewett Prescott. Injuries of the Head Holmes s Surgery vol. it

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Patient s mother frequently bled from the nose till her

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Guardians is a rabid antivacoinationist and as prosecution for

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at Grangers Syft. Nat. And the European dogs that have bten

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tioi of Dr. Hussell s Aleppo of the Mai d Aleppo i

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it was thereupon found that the pulse showed lower tension than in its

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Readers interested in the matter will find valuable information

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right hind foot. No local changes occurred and the animal was in

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term or conglomerate tubercle as Schmaus has suggested. The lesions

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prevails in Vera Cruz and Merida but mosquito borne diseases cannot

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ture of malaria or in the clinical experience of good au

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iilso be a good demonstiation theatre to seat 40 to

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tion camp but 3 cases of cholera devehjped 2 of them resulting fatally.

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that he telephoned to the plague office to that effect that

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all cardiac stimulants including alcohol tobacco coffee and tea aban

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eingebenden Kritik kann bier jedocb kein Platz eingeraumt

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pat upon a posterior wire splint. The sinuses were slow

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There are no dilations nor contractions in the intestine.

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months. In his case the sub diaphragmatic abscess was tapped

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also of the difficulty in obtaining satisfactory material for

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operations but I am certain that with an unfinished

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A lad of perhaps 40 years stated that about two years pre

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viable and virulent on dried pulverized organs of animals

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fuera identica con el Blastoystis enterocola Alexieff 1911

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grown on cultivated land were less resistant to diseases

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admit two fingers and is given a vertical a lication to the posterior

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dit que Ic roi a donne charge a un mathematician fort savant

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demonstrable in the deeper fascial planes of the neck. Some

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nerves or paralysis of ocular muscles from degeneration

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nized Dr. Dyke suggests the possibility of autoinoculation

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arquebus he might one day cease to be the anvil and

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I believe that the efficiency of the service could be safely

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Central de Radiologie du Gouvernement Militaire de Paris.

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it is lymphatic anil not venous is proved by the fact that there

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material should be passed through each side of the vulva with a small

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Kxatninatpin i tlie bl.idder by p.dpation m the suprapubic area mav elicit

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of the food tube. Neuralgia and neuritis. Treatment of

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refer to the magnetic poles of the earth 1543. His medical fame

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