Is there a link between debt and mental health issues?

The subjects of debt and mental health are very often interconnected even if the vast majority of us are adamant there is no connection. However, if you take a step back and consider the situation, the enormous stress and pressure which you are placing on your mind and your body will eventually take their toll. They could take their toll in a variety of ways but the truth is that unless you tackle these challenges head-on they will change your life potentially forever.


One of the most common health issues with regards to debts and financial problems is an inability to sleep otherwise known as insomnia. The vast majority of us will hopefully sleep in excess of seven good hours a night although those with insomnia issues may be lucky to get even two hours quality sleep. Even if you have a disrupted sleep pattern you will at times of the day feel bright and alert but underneath your capacity to function is being compromised.

Relationship issues

They often say that pride comes before a fall and many people who take up trust deeds in Scotland or even move towards bankruptcy will often discuss relationship issues after the event. It is true what they say about pride comes before a fall because very often despite the fact that we need assistance with our finances many people will take upon themselves the whole burden. This can mean working excessive hours, a lack of sleep, a lack of intimacy in your relationship and ultimately pushing away those who you care most for.

There are many marriages which end in failure because of debt issues, there are many relationships which are never quite the same because of financial worries when in reality if you were to address these problems as soon as possible the impact upon our personal life would be severely reduced.

Excessive drinking

Excessive drinking and excessive socialising are probably the last things that you should be doing if you have financial problems but many people find solace in the bottom of the glass. Those few hours away from the home and those few hours away from your financial pressure are a godsend to many people but the problem is that when you wake up the next morning they are still there and excessive spending will make them worse.

We also need to take into account not only the physical but also the mental impact which excessive alcohol will have on your life and your health. You will be irritable, you will suffer from sleep issues, you will not be focused and for some people alcohol will become a crutch which they find difficult to let go of.

Anger and aggression

Anger and aggression are very often associated with financial problems because in reality our body and mind can only take so much pressure and so much stress. At some point they will need to be some form of release valve and many people resort to aggression and anger towards their nearest and dearest. This will lead to arguments in the home, relationship problems, financial issues made worse and ultimately shame and guilt. The more shame and guilt you feel less chance of asking for assistance which literally makes a terrible situation many times worse.


Depression is a medical condition which very few people will manage to avoid for the whole of their lives. It may revolve around personal issues, work issues although for many people it is financial problems which will bring on this dilapidating condition. Depression is an illness which can literally sneak up on you over a matter of weeks and months although thankfully it is a condition which is treatable. If you take a step back and look at your financial situation you will have a better chance of resolving this issue and tackling auxiliary issues. Depression is, as we suggested, a treatable illness and once it is under control your mind will be more focused and your body will feel healthier.

In years gone by there was something of a stigma attached to depression and other “mental illnesses” but those days are long gone and it is now a much researched and a much talked about issue. Without meaning to sound too harsh, it is those who fail to gain treatment for their depression that have the most to lose and with so many services now available there is no need to suffer in silence.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is another issue which many people will suffer during their period of financial distress and debt issues. Again, there are readily available treatments for high blood pressure because unless treated it can lead to other side-effects and potentially life-threatening conditions. There are so many ways in which our body can take stress but there are so many ways in which our body is impacted by stress. We all know when we are pressured, we all know when we are uptight and we all know when we are down but how many of us will visit a doctor sooner rather than later?


There is a very strong link between debt and mental health problems and the sooner that we understand these links the better for all effected. It is all good and well playing the strong character who can sort out their own finances while in the background your body is taking a pounding and your mind is taking a beating. The after affects of stress and pressure on your body can last for many years if left untreated and indeed for many people they can lead to a life changing scenario.

The reality is that before you are able to address your financial situation you need to admit that you are suffering both mentally and physically. The fitter and stronger you are the more chance of challenging your financial situation and the more chance of beating it. There is no stigma attached to mental health issues because in reality those who avoid them for the whole of their lives are very few and far between. Putting your hand up and asking for help is braver than sitting back and letting your life dissolve around you.

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