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If you’re feeling the financial pinch you may need to look at potentially introducing a debt management plan into the mix. Debt management plans in Scotland are becoming more and more popular because of the serious downturn in the Scottish economy which tends to rely upon a small number of industries and a small number of large companies.

The recent downturn in the drinks industry, which has seen a number of major worldwide players reduce their employment numbers in the country, has caused the Scottish government to focus upon the economy. However, even though progress is being made it will come too late for many in Scotland who are on the edge of the financial abyss and staring an uncertain future in the face. So what can they do?

One of the first ports of call should be a debt adviser who will be able to take an arms length look at your situation and clarify exactly what needs to be done, what can be done and how to tackle your situation. Sometimes a new set of eyes and somebody totally unattached to the situation may be able to find a way to reduce your budget, your expenditure or ultimately they may advise you to consider a trust deed. Even though it would be wrong to suggest there is any easy way out of any significant debt problem there are options available even to those who have fallen off the edge of the financial abyss!

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