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a condition should in the majority of cases be sub

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be safely anaesthetized without any especial skill on the part of

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and are also histologically difl erent from that disease. Occasionally they

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fever and tuberculosis. The nervous affection usually

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passed through the anterior surface of the uterus as low as is

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was incorporated and constructed as the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad.

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combined with equal parts of gentian and is used to clean the

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After the eighteenth day improvement occurred rapidly. The animal

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mortality among the unprotected of 1 in SJ the vario

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Realising these results of research we may assuredly con

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field of battle just as the enemy gained the victory after the

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and exercise. They may also be fed here in pleasant weather.


brown powder with a pleasant mucilaginous taste soluble in water

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The writers have been very thorough and painstaking with this

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were normal and the pulse was good. The animal ate slowly but

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heart to the central tendon of the diaphragm this part does not descend

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polymorphonuclears 91 per cent. Urine Clear specific gravity

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should be explained to him and to his friends he should

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ing for food immediately afterwards. There may be two or three paroxysms

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All who attended the meeting of tlie British Medical

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considered a sufficient barrier against disease. The following from the

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head elicited no pain. There was no disturbance of sensibility

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there until rotation has taken place one may succeed

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to the eye. The physicians keep their mouths so clean

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sign that we are still in an uncivilized state at least comparatively

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itself had sustained a comminuted fracture and was broken into seven

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although none of these germs are able to pass through

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The abdominal wound is closed the other end of the tube

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a middle aged woman formerly of stout and healthy constitution.

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Fig. 2. Distribution of cardiac electricity on the surface of the

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atropine in its action ou the heart pupils intestines and suli

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