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am s intimate friend or with his glorious blue eyes

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refer to the magnetic poles of the earth 1543. His medical fame

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which holds a prescribed quantity of the fluid to be used is

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is to give the full correcting glass as found under a

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Anglo Saxon. The other courses were mainly devoted to graduate work

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Lieutenant General Burtchaell surgeon general of the British armies in France was the

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possibly played a part. In most of the pain attendant on its application

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without first experimenting on animals. He accordingly procured a

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authority no veterinary field equipment such as is furnished

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many lie al. 50 reviews operations made by the Trende

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Senger of Erefeld spoke on disinfection of the skin.

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chiefly to be avoided by attention to diet and these patients are

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study is advisable in the differential diagnosis of aplastic as against

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necessary until relief is olitained. Hypodermic medication Is

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is of a distinctly broncho pneumonic type. The disease begins with the

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tlement of the new world. This office of deacon was not

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due to some pathological process and not to traumatism. He said that

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bacteria was even greater than it now is and in all probability the

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antitoxin neutralising power. Some toxins although possessing

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In conclusion therefore it seems that we have in the corti

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usually afford relief. If the vomiting is severe and constant iced carbonic

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Chairman Acting Assistant Surgeon M. V. Safford Act

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Sherwood under whose daily supervision was this portion of the work

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possibilities of changes in osmotic conditions as are

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skin growths and especially warts need to be trimmed off occasionally. They

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sible yet profound modification of the habits of thought due to

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seemed advisable to shift our metaphor from facts to machines. Xow it is

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several hours after the accident. The rules that I laid

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On the other hand that condition vaguely described as biliousness

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much importance in some legal cases especially of infanticide

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would certainly lead to a diminution of the excretion of

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Studies in Deficiency Diseases 1921. Guarini Britisu Meuicai.

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metropolis alwve Putney it has been passable since the IJth.

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Was this a nervous irritation or was it a case of generalized

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air being loaded with moisture from the sea is very oppressive. These

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approximate number of men in the brigade at the end of

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not therefore wrong to suppose that when a system of rigorous abstinence

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nutrient elements of the blood and the presence of poisonous compounds

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science with them derives all its light from the impulses of nature and

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from the Internal Medicine Departments Division of Nephrology detail

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would not give way with Lucille and Doble pulled the Maid back

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Fig. 1. Rana virescens normal with the exception of the tip of

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months causing a cyst like swelling. When opened the living parasites

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Lues clinically present treated Wassermann reaction 21 cases.

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was no definite history of any abdominal injury. The patient had been

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mathematical physical physiological and social and but one

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lymphatics of the skin while performing their functions in connection

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teriologicaliy investigated in the laboratory and showed

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On first examining the animal we were struck by its peculiar

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