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years on the arms hands legs and feet causing much nervous depression and

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that one nerve bundle has passed down through these sections

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lations the greatest care must be taken especially if the patient

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is primarily for the information of the local authority

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ill the horse in consequence of thrombosis of the abdominal aorta or

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several times. Each time after the catheterization the box

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For those officers who elect orthopedic service there will be given

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stronger meats such as beef. Over many persons thus suc

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Cooper one of the most accomplished surgeons now in existence.

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cum sebaceum is characterized by rounded semiglobular flattened or

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I ming. In a specimen of the hacteridia carbuncafosa

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themselves whoKy to one or the other class of cases.

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to recognize during life and in fact can only be estab

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vessels. Extending off into the prostatic substance are

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and give rise to a chronic synovial swelling. The commonest of

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men. About the centre of the infiltrated anterior wall

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the plantar surface of the foot is ilattened instead

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such as was proposed by Buckinghamshire would be not.

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be considered objectionable podophyllin in doses of from one sixth

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This diseased condition is not at all uncommon in the Bovine and

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in the case of imbeciles and children who may deliberately poke an

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tioned above were seen to run through the section looking

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renamed in Rana esculenta R. temporaria 1858e 316 in Pelophylax

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posit. Crico arytsenoid joints and sterno clavicular none.

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Journal for January suggests the use of vinegar to soften plaster of paris

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that of a simple fracture. In other words he strove to

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tients Most Comfort Best Results. Just tell them about

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are made for a freer secretion at given points Name such

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unmarried ones are far the more fit for propagating the

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Just one thing more and Fll trouble your patience no longer.

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of Nerves aud Removal of the Gasserian Ganglion. By William

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ward the other side of the pelvis for the same thing occurs

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is connected with the psychological problem of the freedom of the

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all measures which tend to improve the patient s general

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the attention and general apathy a condition designated as apro

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sense that the more essential properties are those invariant under

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great things for them and their vocation. Never indeed had the

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own bread which he is eminently fitted to do to beg he is

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best method for those cases. My experience with electrolysis

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than three persons per room to relieve what existed and to

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