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has been adopted by a large number of leading opera

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attention to the toxic action of certain compounds of mercury in

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also record cases both complicated with associate maldevelopment. Caddy s

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directly on aging. These projects range from studies of coro

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uniformly hypertrophied the group of follicles con

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tine had not so flattened out the mucosa as to lead to the

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cient quantity. Pulverize the Sugar and Acid add the Oil mix them

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upon the periosteum of the vertebra and the structures

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A. There should be the minimum amount of furniture and the fewer

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tions rf formalin or by exposing the catgut longer to its

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and the benefits derived therefrom in a public health way.

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of this it is impossible to consider the question as

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honours students. AVe hope that tbey will find a wider

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There are other stations that closely approach Sill

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more neuroses do not result. Undoubtedly a native tempera

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unlikeness on the temperamental than on the mental side between

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as a result of what may be termed kinephobia fear of

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tious surgeon let him advise you in the ease. When vou

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Sect xxxiv. These are certainly the magisterial and

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have resisted or unduly delayed the beneficial application of the law to

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iipon the expiration of his present leave of absence.

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bid change gradually extended over the fingers at first

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of medicine in which very great progress is being made.

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has met with similar cases of fever and has caught Phh hotomus whicli

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more definite information as to the origin of these ulcers we must

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in the blood the colloidal condition of which has been

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heredity having more influence over the individual than environment

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showing neolithic trephining will interest anatomists and

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