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condition of free movement. They are both spindle-shaped, like


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a child aged six years who had not been satisfactorily vaccinated

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was i)repared by Di'. Eliot. It is believed that such a

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culty of breathing, and had discharged a portion of bloody sputa.—

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the patient is unable to maintain his equilibrium. It may be momentary

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isted very like those of apoplexy. Diminution in the motor |)ower is often

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the myocardium which he considered characteristic of rheumatic fever. Aschoff

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Type I in bouillon at 38° C. P indicates parent cultures; B to I indicate sub-

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itself, it is invaded by germs — ^by disease-making

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The skin is cold and clammy, and the temperature below normal. The

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instances there is loss of sight and hearing. If the gummatous masses

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from a patient who was subjected to the influence of the vapour; she

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the diminution of the larger side. After a few days, therefore, a

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Pick (5) demonstrating that the heterogeneous sheep antigen found in

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burgh. In noticing the fact at the present time, it was not with the

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diphtheria antibodies, and other tests of this kind,

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colourless discharges from the bowels, coldness of the surface, and

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formation of a State Medical Society, and such other matters as

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beneficial, yet the repeated use of antimonial emetics, as is too often

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very much increased, the prognosis is unfavorable. When distinct tumors

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7. Thalhimer, W., and Rothschild, M. A., /. Exp. Med., 1914, xix, 417, 429,

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sages and bladder with desquamation of cells and oozing of serum.

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and hand to be kept covered with cloths kept saturated with lead

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von Wassermann, A., Handbuch der pathogenen mikroorganismen, Jena, 2nd

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3 Griesinger describes a peculiar /ear of places that seizes patients when in the midst of a crowd or

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August presented less vicissitude of temperature than usually

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in the cat /3-tetrahydronaphthylamine causes marked depletion of

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silver or gold, had been tested upon the growth of tubercle bacilli. Of these, po-

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It was found that guinea pigs could tolerate a large amount of

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found in all known malarial infections and at any stage in the de-

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biologic characteristics may, in some way, be attributable to the

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