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they determined to establish a professorship of histology and

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affection is more variable. Ooupland s case of uratic deposit in

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without distress or great fatigue though I am free to

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decoction of the bark with litharge until it becomes nearly colorless

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March i8 1905 has tested the effect of this drug on

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amining the bladder and verifying the diagnosis. The heart in

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medical progress. His confreres held him m tbo highest

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flatus by eructation is often of service in the more

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treasurers of the hospitals had been unanimous in asking for a Royal

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diately at the close of the thoracentesis usually a short in

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with their clergy with the view of adopting the last Sunday in

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to help it by every means in their power. At Diaria between the

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coefficient of the excreting power of the kidney for this

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little by little the firm mass may be disintegrated and removed

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method. In the first a minute quantity to 7 cc of a fluidextract

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it. The older view in which we were all trained that the

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birth palsy one may have remained stationary for many

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date before they were printed were religiously preserved. We carried

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the valves into the adjacent zone of muscle and thus may produce

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ou telle maladie ces modlficateurs physiques sont simplement toum rte eomme

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painstaking and exhaustive research. It is true that his

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treatment appears to enable a patient to live his full individual expectancy

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general health little affected. This at least is the history uniformly

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erected in 1903. This noble instrument consists pri

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Military Enquiry particularly relative to the Surgeons eneraK

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employed as a counter irritant in neuritis pleurisy peri

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healing powers that were attributed to the latter. Mrs.

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some other line of treatment and I am pleased to say

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Dr. C. Buttar Will that interfere with the splitting up

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worm eaten and again as though the disease had penetrated from

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of the urinary tracts should precede their travels

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m reference to Physick and Physicians is soberly debated

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fang. As this lymph is locked in on all sides by bone

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legs together under the bod vomiting suspension of defecation

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two or three hours and its use continued thus for several days. Its

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dailv. He started weekly intravenous doses of novarseno

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Address to the Subscribers to the Plymouth Eye Dispensary.

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ventricle ceases to contract completely even at the

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Versuchen wurde gewartet bis die Anfangslange konstant

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a half of fluid extract of golden seal daily. The treatment occu

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that necrosis occurred with a resulting uretero vaginal fistula.

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ceding the meeting of the Congress and to furnish the Sec

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November 15. Removal of left testis for extensive tuberculosis

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Akt. 100. Tm Cases of Stone in the Bladder of the FemaU

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the latter case provide a pabulum for the further develop

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History. This is an indigenous plant found growing in Canada and

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eighth lb. hydrophile bandage in packages of a yard

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toiditis a rather diffuse swelling beneath the sterno

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ics at the Johns Hopkins Hospital or in the neurologic

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Art 109. A Parallel lefiree7i S cision of the Knee and

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