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by the presence of an active pneumonia with plugging of both air

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for the purpose of controlling the child s movements

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Quatrefagcs made the suggestion of gradual acclimatisation

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successfully treated with normal saline solution. Sir

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remedies were employed by them. One of their regimental surgeons declared

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child a female healthy well proportioned and living. As soon as

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and also provokes a more powerful systole. This great

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fame when it was first written. The public library of Leyden had

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patient had to continue at his business and causing

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The pericardium may show effusions and the heart ecchymoses.

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Prophylactic measures in the treatment of pulmonary

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The domain of preventive therapeutics expands with the in

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senses a predecessor of Copernicus was J. S. Bailly

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groin and axilla phlebitis ichorhaemia glossitis pleurisy pneumonia

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and too much reliance must not be placed upon its character to the

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ill a boy of 11. A large drawsheet. folded several times into a

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convinced me that lice are not the invertebrate hosts of the parasite.

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of intelligent guidance the essential feature is the occurrence of

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to understand how those excellent investigators to whom we are

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ical the other two sf ikelets one staminate and one rudimentary upon

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diable tissue changes take place attended by follicular or by intei sti

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had been made and in whom manifest or clinical tuberculosis was

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Case V. The patient was very noisy and violent and was

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member of this House of Delegates and the members of the Society at

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ly stiff to b amp employed the first thing in the morning the

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lent most of the papers were mercifully short and to the point

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duty is incumbent on the university hospital of today. It should be so

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twenty sis special lectures. A jplications for tickets

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wrinkled hrows and apathetic look presents a pitiable sight

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the use of aluminum sidphate under proper supervision

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through it in bubbles in the top of the can following this relief

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pose of obtaining some idea of the amount of strain on

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prevent matting and decomposition of the crusts. During convalescence

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to the ptomaines and toxins formed in old brine. It has been

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burgh University the late Curtis J. Bird who received his preliminary

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ministration. In my experience however I find that where the pain

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cleansing antiseptic astringent or sedative purposes. Their chief and

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and overheard tanks. The insurance companies accept

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beams lines and tbe utilization of existing fadlidea cqoipaicat sboald be included. Tbe

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dass der Hg Behandlung eine vorbereitcnde und mithelfende Rolle zu

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The electrode is applied before the current is switched

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Stomacace is mainly a disease of children and especially

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microbe. All the experiments were conducted in monkeys Gebus and

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actions are unchanged. The cutaneous and tendon re

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till then the rider should speak encouragingly to him and. if

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statute clearly says that those using either drugs or

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quickly than in cirrhosis. Jaundice occurs early and rapidly deepens and

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The stethoscope and the sphygmograph will tell us the real con

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If at a point on the caudal base line 2 inches laterad from

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of the urinary tracts should precede their travels

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relaxation and atrophy of the parts to which these contracted

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tions. It is of interest that the German statistics show

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probably excited the violent spasmodic contractions which were so

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Sometimes the labor pains come on and the mare wants to

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existence but it has been one if not the chief mechanism whereby

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circulation by way of the chylous vessels through the

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lar hue extending to the lips sometimes but not invariably swelling of

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presence of a psychogenic factor is already accepted. More clearly

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or ministers into the missionary fields of labor under

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assisted with wool or cotton so as to produce equable

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eight or ten hours mortification then sets in and the animal

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endeavored to construct a theory of disturbed protein catabolism.

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as the hospitals in which they served. Outside the Roman

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are treating so much as a patient suffering from an attack

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equipped in evei y way and furnished with a really efficient

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tetanus after vacination and the use of antidiphther

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food and follow up after this with the following powder

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underneath the ones already mentioned through a loop or

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to happen when not only has the tumour become softened but

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flf tbe chest is brought about by emphysema which has existed for

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matic neurasthenia or tramnatic hysteria sometimes follows a

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it may be given for long periods. Sample bottle to any reputable

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Tissues. Extensive experimental tests of the influence of liga

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ventricular passage she succeeds without that but the

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In nine cases only was a more powerful instrument required

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is particularly important should there be rapid absorption or inadvertent

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the actual beginning of a permanent medical literature.

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in size without leaking unless meningitis is feared from

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the board intends to so limit the inquiry the staff

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