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they determined to establish a professorship of histology and

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tion of these truths is so evident that every subject connected

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The physical signs are very characteristic and vary remarkably

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in the writer s experience from the passage of the stomach tube.

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pleurisy a much severer assemblage of symptoms will as a

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the pathology of neurasthenia as Suffice it is to say that while aiming

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indiscriminate use of alcohol ten years ago. He censures me for espousing Miss

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grene sets in usually of the dry variety unless the veins

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Avicenna Serapion Jncelyn of Fumesa 1 77 99 Isidore of Seville Thomas

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A. There should be the minimum amount of furniture and the fewer

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Professor Besredka s kindness in sending me his antigen enabled

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and no other modality that is more capable of producing

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distribution of deaf mutism. The number of people affected is

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Who can be surprised at the failure in the practice of phy

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counter irritant treatment were trigeminal neuralgia facial

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and Other Papers. covering from typhus. The chief com

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on which a perfect water supply was rated 40 perfect

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and nontoxic Txifller bacilli were present on the mucous sur

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hospital insurance schemes insurance group practice medical insurance

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vascular injections of pure cultures of the typhoid organism combined

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ness went into it many probably not realizing what it meant until they

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has remained without an epidemic while Algiers has ex

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duces results. He considers the investigation of the effect of

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proposed law it will require at least twenty five years to

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the correctness of this view as she has had three other attacks of

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hot lime water turbid when agitated with chips of the suspected wax

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Anatomy and Physiology ol the Organ together with the

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the Minnekahta Valley and sheltered on all sides by

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hours. Simple cjieos l nd to recoverj but severe cases may require

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whole gradually add of pure muriatic acid sixteen ounces let it stand

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Peruvian paste was so thick that it could be just swallowed.

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Dr. W. EussELli pointed out that although it was stated

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