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The construction of trench privies is also described in detail. They

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that their western shores would be warm and wet in temperate

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was too strong and the guilds relapsed for a time into

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Muscatello found it in an ischio rectal abscess follow

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each separate pillow mattress couch stuffing etc. and the patient

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typical occurrence and spreading of cancer and sar

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corollary on the former propositions and he hoped it would be passed

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der swelling in tho inguinal canal external ring or scrotum.

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is most offensive. The writer has seen eight such cases

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mortality that has attended scurvy in recent years care should be taken

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mouthed bottle. The latter is placed in a horizontal posi

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shall there be degrees of priority amongst the saints. Yet

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ment. Then in another place he says I only returned to

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continue the process of freeing the vessel. In this

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termination viz death. Some was the most obstinate symptom

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multipara. The temperature was normal and also the bowel

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engorgement of the sinuses and pia mater and an extravasation of blood

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they would have read at once the correct diagnosis.

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secure the necessary glasses or equipment that the doctors prescribe for

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and proves how erroneous our thoughts have previously

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est perseverance the sexual appetite is often strongly developed

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Fre criffioHj medical patients expofed to danger by their being

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bonic plague are reported as occurring in the family

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wards the rash of measles. She returned home and ten days after

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expiration and pneumothorax therefore in its initial stage is an

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were widely distended and often packed with very large mononuclear pale

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Balito b T. Graham. See Catalogue of Eepobts iTroops

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the idea of putting friends out of a wicked world. The

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yourselves but rather realize the burden of the responsibility

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described. When the pressure was released the head of the fibula sprang

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wielded a power at once concentrated and diffusive. When it ceased

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