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Dr. Futcher Sept. 10 1909 Patient has not been so well

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one person counterbalanced his discomfort at giving

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by the bacteriological findings in the uterine lochia. Except the

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The treatment of the subject must in accordance with the conditions

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ceding the meeting of the Congress and to furnish the Sec

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the presence of a very marked tick resistance in these anunals. In

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an invaliding rate of 5f gt.l 4 per thousand mean strength. There were

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is so active that it is readily dissipated by heat light and

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and after giving them a dose they should always be left standing

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by clinical methods not to support preconceived theories or to

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Remarks. See general remarks upon cake making baking etc. to test

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verity but if considered some ways injurious unto truth

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by Dr. Eoff to be tonic sialagogue cathartic and diuretic.

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sult of any extension upwards of the disease in the

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ment of the nasal mucous membrane is of primary im

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Emmet s views regarding the etiology and pathology of this affection

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received diplomas as qualified dental practitioners.

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cornua were normal. On the other hand I may remark that cases of

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laid down as an axiom that no glass should be ordered

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legislation a society so rich in the heritage of accumulated accom

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tangents of curves of the fourth order and Hesse after him applies

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fortunes to be due to agency 3 he ascribes his bad luck to

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Islands and hence he has made a study of the subject as regards

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inflammation and various itching or burning eruptions particularly the

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was one of solidism. Borelli and co workers sought to

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pleural cavity may give rise to hemorrhage into the

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toen published in the American Journal of the Medical Sciences

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with reddish nodules which later under the microscope

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to this clinical observation as a help in the diagnosis

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lowed by foreign body pneumonia. When the patients are

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often drops dead with a gasp. If life continues for twenty or thirty

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Various other signs characterise the special modes in which

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ftioto fo tbe toeaftneflTe of tfce ffnetoes ano mtertour parts

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an increased flow of the submaxillary and sublingual

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more or less completely into two. The septum may be only partial uterus

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born. One of his most beautiful faculties is the power to express

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tion of the extremities of the two lips of the ileo

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draehloric acid chlorine and furmic acid and therefore should

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not only of the surrounding integument but also often

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treited by the button electrode special attention being paid to

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count we willmdmit one an active and penetrating genius

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ExtcTTially. A solution of a Ferric salt has a corrugat

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a woman aged 44 years who was suffering from chronic

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Well if w e can so explain the occurrence of these phenom

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exhaustive and minute archaeological research and even more

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que la chambre de justice suivra et lo conseil et les pri

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of medical experience. Medical and Surgical Reporter.

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been kept isolated. The child and its mother and three

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ongation of pregnancy beyond its ordinary period though th s suspicion

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Long appendix containing concretions adherent to ovary and tube.

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visible to the naked eye on section. At other times it can

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toooj amp e ttjen t at of Leuante. jSDftijat little if lotoer ft

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nerves or paralysis of ocular muscles from degeneration

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an a pessary to produce an abortion. With purity and with

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tions signified by characteristic symptoms of the particular diseases they

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dovici 17 diseases of the maxillary sinus 18 pneumococcus

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of iodoform bougies each of whicli contained I iodoformi 1

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in utilizing the social and industrial resources of

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tica iritis which error is favored by the copper red spots on the

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entre autres de celui ou de ceux d Angleterre pour le roi et

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Every soiled sponge returned to him is first cleaned in the bucket of

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nervous anxious expression with pallor of the skin which often assumes

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any form of prospective trouble should be an indication

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turnal nervous and mental disorders but also in diabetes

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stituent County Society shall immediately proceed to

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This shows five females and four males of all ages.

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per cent or more. The etl eet is much more prompt and satisfactory

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The bacteria are propagated on the mucous surfaces without involv

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mechanical or other localized pathological processes.

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fact which answers some of the criticisms which are made of using radium

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Here again are a series of rules which no modern physiologist

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manipulation dullness laziness seeking seclusion colics tender abdomen

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vegetable tissue and partly broken up muscle bundles when the

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tuberculous disease or from a gumma. In tuberculosis ti.e mass is revisli

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came under Primrose s care and was repeated twice afterward.

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Taylor and Kaposi and others are upon the other hand satis

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not per se conducive to marked stability but that weight

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of the use of digitalis in pneumonia about which so

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Handisyde formerly Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary Bdinbarg h.

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course of a compression paraplegia. The rare cases of vertebral caries

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occurs in occasional paroxysms. In chronic peritoni

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