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among the new titles added are the American Bankruptcy Reports Mor

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SIS blood. The swelling of the extremities increased with

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cause and indicates the treatment cauterization and removal of hyper

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The new move liy the profession designed to bring Mr. Lloyd

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be treated as surgeons and not as vaudeville entertainers. Such

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Physiological deviations from this type are the rule. Among the

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openings seen in the middle of the eye are known as the pupils

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as their greater surrounding region. The different thermal behavior of

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Laparotomy demonstrated only the proximal portion of the

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pigment in the eye the mutual development of which far exceeds

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permanent but this is not the experience of most observers. The pregnant

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length complete quiefcence that is death clofes the fcene.

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talk to his table companions. They are always agreeable

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The attention of Congress has been called to this appalling

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Association on the question of the amendment of the Medical Officers

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Dalmatia appeared in Messina in 1909 being looked upon as a form

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that Piquet has shown that Phenols have the power of antagonising

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disadvantages under which he laboured in his younger

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report which is the work of many hands has been edited

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mistress of the turf which position she held until her retirement

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Hexamine has been largely used in the febrile stage in

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of the specific discrimination shown by the two types of

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Basedow s disease Parry s disease Grave s disease exophthalmic goitre. 667

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questionably higher in the specialties than in general practice. Conse

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American Journal of International Lazu vol. 8 no. 1 January 1914

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nitrates is exceedingly rapid. Filters constructed in this

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represent them to ourselves in geometrical space. So what charac

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nurses home occupied about 10 buildings. Some of the greatest

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and in Europe than there had been during the pandemic of 1918 but

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of corps all enemy attacks made with the aid of chemical methods.

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was a large amount of blood stained discharge. On the sixth day the

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an hour. At the necropsy a fibrous tumour of the size

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area of anesthesia over the first metatarsal bone and

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report there. All distributions were made by direction of the commanding

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becomes the seat of acute vaginitis and chronic catarrh. In the third

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variou.s expressions of opinion that have been advanced

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ed Pharmacist Maguire by Department letter of February 4 1902

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British Commission find that h q eralgesia is an important sign in

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