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periodically as a consultant to program. Another consultant will be recruited

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tion. If the o Tim should fail to provide the necessary cyto

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In Berlin about one hundred are engaged in this work. The

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ease and safety. A steady cantering hack will start into

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brane were divided and repeated attempts to introduce a small

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Grecian Alcseus long years ago when he fashioned in poetic fancy his ideal

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through depression of the spinal sensory and motor centres.

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us certain combinations of symptoms which justify a diagnosis

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may come on slowly or suddenly after an epileptiform seizure facial paral

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injection. It produced sleep in some instances when all other means

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has set in during the convalescence from an acute disease.

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a favus fungus and in many other respects differs from it. On gelatin

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the abdomen found the pylorus thickened and obstructed and did a

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as the disease advances as in the following examples seven hours

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or into the cr pts of the tonsils. Disappearance from the

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the surface of formed stools is of diagnostic significance

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manifestation. The clinical picture of pressure on the medulla or upper

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Most influenza type B viruses that have been antigeni

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minutes in a concentrated alcohoHc solution of methylene blue.

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borhood it strikes certain individuals passing over others etc. For

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dust. The room should be thoroughly aired and strips

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whose opinions were always disinterested and worth listening

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water at a temperature of F. which was gradually cooled during

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Ball s new book Modern Ophthalmology which they claim

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of removing gall stones by modern methods in the hands

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of children who were on time for immunization than those

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eyes and turns its face away when brought before a lamp or window.

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The chancre is the step brother of the syphilitic wart.

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Mr. G. has never mentioned his associated color sensations

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