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neighbors. They did not suspect morphine poisoning at first

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recognition. The conditions necessary for recognition of

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strongly recommend. It is a mixture composed of tincture of colomba quassia

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is similar to that of the corpora cavernosa. Its cutaneous

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of cerebral localizations do not in any way conflict with the

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The spleen shonld now be further mobilised by division of the

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healthy cells will overcome and destroy the foreign

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sider the first and most important histo mechanical principle

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of such diseases by the ordinary healer is rather unsatis

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Summary. The organisms disappeared rapidly. After 24 hours

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to discover how and where it first arose and the influences that have

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grene sets in usually of the dry variety unless the veins

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Teesdale Robert Plantae Eboracenses or Catalogue of Wild Plants

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tions and suppuration of the spleen splenitis so called are not uncommon.

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cells were grown in it the granules became decidedly red.

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larger exhibit but was forced to modify its original

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prevent matting and decomposition of the crusts. During convalescence

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to seventy five years. The average age of the males and females

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right cornea which healed without much trouble. In the course of a few

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suffering from the effects of exhaustive diseases it is an excelleDl

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school in the Royal Southern Hospital was dedicated in

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marks allotted to the replies by the District Veterinary Officer

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burns owing to congestion and serous effusion in the brain and a

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delivery and settling down more and more carry the urethra with them.

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more than a coincidence that these two thymuses should

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Gee I wonder why my serum makes these treponemes glow.

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in various kinds of bread. He found that new bread has an

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retained sensation. A similar condition is shown in one of

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sulphur on the day before had fallen to normal the inference

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the appearance of the bubonic plague in 1898 25 000

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felowschip to the seid maistris in an obligacioun of ij marl

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considerably below the usual number most of them represent welcome and

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a grande apparence que non l. Plusieurs oiliciers de M. le

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appears to be nearly arrested artificial respiration should be proceeded

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central portion of the cutaneous and subcutaneous nodules and

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and the latter of a rusty red or brown after collection.

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logy of scrofulous affections it has been customary if not necessary to

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hohc licjuors or other nusconduct. The phrase other misconduct

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the raw surfaces cauterized. Diday recommends the separation to be made

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be required to pay a fee of twenty guineas and any such

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It has been used diluted with four parts of alcohol and rubbed into

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here from my place in the House as President of the Board of

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lower temperature and repeated once or twice. It may be applied

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obvious title to the aid and compassion of all classes nor are such

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of 11.15 per cent. Following these general causes diseases of the eye

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fractures were wired together deserves great praise. There was also a

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blood was hypertoxic and that during pregnancy the tox

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CoM OYs on the antagonistic action of opium and belladonna. 279

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youth in such an hour when this present l ody shall have

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A good portable tub has been made according to Dr. Baruch s

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sensory one which runs downward along the anterior surface of

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middle line and a continuous catgut suture from above downwards

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Median lobe of prostate found to be the size of the

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on four consecutive or graded courses of medical college in

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breathing in interscapular regions especially towards left apex of

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with chromic catgut suture. Two days afterward there was a slight

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of that association it took courage to say to two of its

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if they strike the bone shaft directly grooves with complete contact

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three months for the first year and thereafter every six months.

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which may result years after in incurable insanity.

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strongly suggested alcaptonuria as a probable diagnosis in this case.

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and 3 men cautiously raise the injured leg high enough to allow the

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salvarsan. She gradually but very slowly improved but when

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hospital where be could be watched and suitable general

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tubes. When the nerves of the pulmonary plexus are injured

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which have widened the scope of this work until it has

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belonged to other nations for any length of time but has been a

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activated hemolytic serum provided the reactivating serum

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passes from the pharynx to the stomach very depressing nausea now

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was the intention of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland in future

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traitement parkinson sinemet

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authority no veterinary field equipment such as is furnished

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of that class of affections which was taken in this country after the

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Post mortem examination showed all the organs to be

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