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purposive movements alwa s ensue and that for instance

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speaking can only be regarded as a motor achievement of

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they should be detached by suppuration. That night profuse hemorrhage

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cardiac load and overload based upon the diastolic pressure and

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list are still further confirmatory evidence of the permanent value

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teid no effect. Sulphate of zinc in doses of three grains three times

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superior. The surgeon might elect to use a PTFE interposi

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and can be communicated to other animals or man by the

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Among the drugs recently employed with greatest suc

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not only as a munificent patron of science but as a benefactor of

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difficult to keep in solution. Given a nucleus of bacteria or of

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tions and to nurse the patient among cheerful surroundings for

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Enough should be given to cause prompt emesis and the benefit results in

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streptococci recovered from the blood were all of the strep

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turbance of the usual relationship the neutrophiles

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ticularly the case with mitral stenosis and certain

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ing halted for some time at El Hacaiba the men were

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During the succeeding sixteen hours she had twelve convulsions. Chlo

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earth and it this day read lectures to all the world.

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Cluff Lloyd S. Chief Engineering Geologist Vice President and Director

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that a few hours before my visit he had been seized

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Diagnosis. The characteristic events are a sudden most intense

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horses sometimes become broken winded without apparent cause and I

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predisposition to ventral hernia and enteroptosis for the

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viewpoint c procedure in making personality study d classification.

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Concerning the second case. Dr. Pliny Barie states my maternal graadfether and

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adducted. In talipes valgus its opposite the outer side

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sclerosis when present they are usually more or less

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of years lt r during the residue of the unexpired term for which

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that expectation. It is not possible to turn out a thoroughly scientific

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probably not contagious. There is evidence to show that the poison may

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purposes. It is trite to say that no suffering person

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paralyzed passing urine involuntarily. On the following days depres

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To reestablish disturbed cutaneous circulation and so to

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following treatment was raclised I irst the ends of the

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dicating the amount of milk to be put in it and the

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in paraffin and the sections cut at microns. The stains employed

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fluid that gave off a foul odor. The sore had had a disagreeable

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which can be used to produce large quantities of the ccxtplete enzyme.

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cavities went off above and below and at points com

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eased is very great. The Parochial Board of Glasgow placed out in the

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serA ation there had been a marked improvement the number of

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cughly familiar with ophthalmia neonatorum and with the literature

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these hides had been forbidden to be sold there and were ordered

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cation as to the nature of the malady. Other avenues for dif

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