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If tliere is anything of an inhibiting nature in tlie undisinte-

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which the fluid is known to be purulent an interval of

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the new Labour Wards, and with the increased facilities

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how many millions of dollars a drug company must invest in

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that may be employed. In a case of carotid aneurism, having- its base rather

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thesis, their resistance being still further lessened by unfavorable in-

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Thus Fibiger, in a recurring epidemic in a public school, found, in

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the former is manifested — the latter cxliibits none of a morbid

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that Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley will give a second series of clin-

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although the greater part of the fsBces passed in the normal way. Still,

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crural vein. Some cases are quoted from Pott and Sir A. Cooper, in

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the central portion outward, having two distinct sets of

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low-level minds ; but, in the majority, there is something

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Causation. — No special hereditary infliuences appear to have been

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The PEOGNOSis of infantile spinal paralysis is not good, for

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oxide of hydrogen. Both of the cases got well. They were under

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monia following transplant. It is well established from the

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prise has been expressed that the surgeons in the case

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found, at one-fourth or one-tenth the price of any similar

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sition. As it failed to do so I went up again two days before the session

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this position until the temperature assumed a stationary point), 40^.3 C, (104^.6 P).

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finding the abdomen distended and the patient in danger there-

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and a low power lens. Film preparations were made from the various

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curet and the x-ray have been employed for these pur-

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take sighing irregular respiration as if he was somewhat

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rou^toa great number of signs ; a probability from the combination

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phoide de Paris. Art m6d.. Par., 1899, Ixxxix, 190-198.—

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interesting to relate cases where the action of imaginary medicines has

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when magnified sixty times, appear as small yellowish-white, round,

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