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preventing swallowing. Expectoration should be pre

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larities of head face and thorax on irregular thickening

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occurs and usually some syphilitic affection of the heart.

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active mobilization. The author is strongly in favour of

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student anatomy absorbs about 50 of his time and 60 of his

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examined by several medical men and each one formed

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moved without injury to the eye. Wordsworth reports a case in which a

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Normal urine does not necessarily inflame the bladder but resid

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Had calved 15 days. She has a funny appearance devouring

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ably ventilating the subject. In conclusion it will be remarked that

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health usually cause a disappearance of the unpleas

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since it introduces a new practice into the legislation on the subject a

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advanced stages of malignant fever led me to attach more importance to

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eight years but curiously enough in those cases in which the manifes

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valescence enterocolitis with diarrhea was encountered in some cases.

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sures are approximately ecjual constitutes the index of

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superficial examination such patients may seem very intelligent and one

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medical officers will be cordially welcome at the hospital

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histological changes scarcely to be differentiated from those of a

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fingers. If there is no hernia the caustic can at once be applied

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verified theories may be collected from what is fresh in the

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with trypanosomiasis and to obtain information about blood sucking

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for constructive purposes and delayed lymph or chyle in any

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motor and Trophie Disturbances. Meningitis in Adults. Syphilis of the Ncr 0U8

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Lymphangitis is a local affection farcy is a symptom of general

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shonld naturally infer that ils long continued iD e would impair the

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entre autres de celui ou de ceux d Angleterre pour le roi et

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children in the former almost invariably and in the

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tion without increasing his load he can defend him

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mammae and labia had all the appearance of established puberty and the

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names perimetritis and parametntis have been employed the

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by the Abderhalden school to produce specific ferments capable of attacking

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The con.stitutiou of a Local Voluntary Ho.spital Committee

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