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as No. 88. The compound sulphate of dioxy diamino arseno benzo

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many other kinds of devices will no doubt be equally eflective in guard

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rous wounds Ojle of Terebinthine is very good but Ve

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and in it a number of cases are recorded which we now

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skin eruptions and subcutaneous fibrous nodules and the much greater

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other means of employing patients. The only one of the patients who

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to the patients. Dr. Lewis believes that the object

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The cases of ptosis recorded by Mr. France in the Guy s

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here in the German Department of Education. All these dis

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of the Surgeon General applications for Victory medals can be

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durn H through the cotyledons when some of these are torn

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the gormandizing powers of very many horses by placing before

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prepared his way for that vocation and by which he became in the

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showed that it was being attacked from very different

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the wounded from the battlefield but practically this

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as if tingling with extreme cold or heat preventing

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Diagnosis. The intensity of the colic and the absence of defteca

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At first examination the eye showed a marked papillitis best

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gluten. The presence of at least ten per cent of this sub

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the fibrinous or easily absorbed element is scarce

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days and that those submitted to this process were im

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tient was unable to close right eye. Up to October iQth

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ber 7th Dr. F. Hurst JIaier reported a case of chorio

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knew that he was rejected of God deserted by his faithful

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student even of to day has to contend with a preju

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white beaded bands. In the lobules there are usually several firm

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in all cases. Laceration occurs in cases left entirely

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to make a rough substitute with shakes a sort of shingle for roofing.

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cember 1895 Osier reports a series of cases of Exuda

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to separate again from the commissure on its dorsal side fig. 16.

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hauc a yellow ifh froth or fcumme feeneinthefuperfkiall

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ration and a quickened heart action with fat globules

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the abdomen. Tbe day after tbe operation there was considerable rest

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William Allen I usey of Chicago. Except a few epitlielioma.s

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TARDE GABRIEL Les lois de 1 imitation Paris 1890 1895.

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