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internal os and the tumour removed. The left uterine artery was now

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uteri if the patient would take the knee chest posture and practice

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tional effects of the metal and that on the other hand the

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the body is taken transversely by the seat of disease it is

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It is this fact that makes its use in spinal anesthesia dangerous on

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instances during 1912 and 1913. Of the 3 105 persons who lived in

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of the University of Louisville Ky. in 1858. After prac

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In addition to these cases there was one instance of Graves

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Diseases of the Pia Matee Acute Cerebrospinal Leptomeningitis.

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cases cited by him a correct diagnosis during life was reached in only

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fixed point until the right margin of the liver became the

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in various ways and the result has been a tremendous in

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mitted to the Charity Hospital Nov. 16 1894 her breathing

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early operation. Increasing asphyxia is with the major part of practi

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Nearly all animals are affected by strychnine in a similar man

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certainly may be inferred that the ordinary fevers were

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question is still undecided as it has not yet been possible to ascertain

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cotton wool on the end of a hairpin If there be still some

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these occurrences has thus far been observed in the

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shellfish or whatever his particular weakness may be.

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surround them. Should the capillary activity subside

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alone the fibres which run to the nucleus nervi vestibuli

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called dysentery that is Avhen the bowels pass blood with

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cancerous the latter produced at the expense of transformed bone peri

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increasing the secretions in their passage also the morbid pro

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or less unchanged when in contact with the tissues and

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