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had occurred and had exclaimed And I m afraid it was

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cases apparently not due to intestinal infection as

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and now lies stricken with the pestilence. His left hand is laid

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the resulting loss to industry has been brought to the fore the

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Siay River the banks of which for some distance from the mouth are

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puerperal septicemia I used much the same treatment and I have been

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and not infrequently is increased by taking food. The abdominal muscles

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bave had occasion to notice in different parts of this work

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upon the attention and affection of his readers. The

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tion of thoracic movements and stoppage of chemical functions of lungs

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the employment of insoluble arsenical preparations if

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to day to justify action on these lines but unless a

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to the Eegnlations. In the event of any tmscheduled appliance

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tympanic membrane should never be perforated for the cure of

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which we report and those which fill our insane asylums. At the

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speaker. The Medical Practitioners Uniou had recently

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one to three weeks reaches the standard figures corre

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polypi changes were found of the nature of a rarefying osteitis.

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tppearing after some hours and days without permanent disability.

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developed about as much as with the brandy line of descent

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the Territorials. It is not anticipated however that any

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prove sufficiently strong but if it follows its course the little patient

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chancre which has accomplished its different phases with perfect

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of media. This is a further expression of the responsi

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from loss of appetite wasting sour eructations slug

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to express something previously unknown cannot be satisfied by any

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Diamorphine liydrocldoride. This is described as the

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White pointed out cases of pernicious anaemia treated with arsenic

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dothelial lining. At first in the interlobular collecting

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tissues further penetrated by manipulations with tlie finger nail

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wall or to the viscera laid bare l an exploratory incisicm..

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Calomel is a splendid liver stimulant. Bilious people

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pletely satisfactory though many made use of it. In America

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years outside a hospital and when you are 60 an old man

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twice poured in order to obtain good pictures further

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do much to promote better results. I believe we have

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After a variable interval while general characters of urine remain unaltered

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The clinical work of the undergraduates is done chiefly in

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increasing and decreasing diseases from the Registrar General and to

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dominion of their appetite that is the irrational and brutal

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puerperal fever. Bradycardia of reflex origin may be traced to its

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With the new material that he had collected Laennee had been

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opened the left ventricular wall is 2 cm. in thickness the right

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read in the sections to be entitled to publication in The Journal

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spots were noted after those seen April 12th and those then

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chief agent as shown by the suddenness with which the attack

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building which will contain accommodations for seventy

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Urine. The urine failed to show casts or cylindroids at any time.

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admirable text book than which there a e none of equal

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the subject has again been raised and without any recrudescence of the

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throughout the length of that organ lined by ependymal cells of epiblastic

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raake fomtim. root of the firft dej th hath taken footing Here

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Medical Treatment outhned in this year s Budget proijosals

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branes. He vpas the first to describe deformity of the

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of pseudo hypertrophic paralysis. Only the muscles of the neck hyper

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total solids be determined from the specific gravity

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Homeric period was mostly surgical. He makes very lit

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outbreaks of typhoid fever amongst our soldiers in India

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viduals often suffer from eclampsia as early as during the first

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that all are cooperating in handling this serious cod

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doses of morphia with large doses of atropia you will

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Mr. Synar. According to the report of the 1992 Purdue workshop

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to OA and a straight line CB is drawn cutting these. Since

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as a rule to such naked eye appearances as he actually under

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the i fever tree and is being extensively planted for pro

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blast of air pounds upon the inflamed mass from below.

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precordial distress epigastric pains regarded as a danger signal. Vas

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condition of the heart contra indicates this posture in which case

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has written an able paper on the peristaltic unrest

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of the cavernous bodies. By this and other devices

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which had been hitherto collected began to wander. His restlessness was

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pletely all bleeding but he does not trust to it alone

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mechanical means a summation of bacterial supply to

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action. Next in order of suitability is a dilute solution of chloride of

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